Working 9 to 5, doing labour like Blair

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That's like... it's obvious - you know what I mean? We work hard, man. Like, labour hard - always have done. Like, even, aside from music - do you know what I mean? Like, electronic work and worked hard at it. So, I'm saying, like, just always work. Like, I... I look at myself like a labourer. I don't think of myself as like as a rap guy or a Grime star or anything, no, it's like staying where you... like, you have to go to work in the day and graft and labour it and, like, go for it - like, you know what I mean.

Like, use your hands... these hands make you money - do you know what I mean, like? Unless you're a numbers guy or something. But if you're not, you go out there, you take your hands and you make money and that's what it was about.

And, obviously, Blair was... you know, was the - at the time - the leader of the Labour party.

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