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Souls of Mischief

Soundscience lyrics

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IntroYo, come on
Ladies and gentlemen, yeah, uh, uh, yeah
Evidence and Babu on the beat, for Souls of Mischief
So unique yo, yo Ope set it

OpioI'm sharper than Clive Barker or Steven King when I'm authoring evil things
I'll smoke you like a Marlboro, but I'm a cheeba fiend, puffin white zombie
That make people dream of cities of gold
Around the world twice before I was 20 years old
Fuckin' slutty-ass hoes, and top-notch babes spending money uh-oh
Offerin' to buy me some coke
Listen baby I'm a lyricist, that's not my thing
I slang dope, but not pharmaceuticals super flow
Yeah numero uno cuz you know
The human cat scan wouldn't read your brain, they say "He's insane!"
Listen to my raps man
Colder than zero, I'll freeze the rain, hail mary
We remain, don't care if we front page on the rolling stones
It's in my chromosomes to hold my own, rock till I'm overthrown
I'm jack hammering, raps of stone
Walls and I won't fall
Victim, drunk like I'm awesome, incredible, federal
Like forty watter(?), hotter than an orgy, spot a corny nigga from a mile away
Yeah, Eastside Oakland, raised me that way, I got my three eyes open
Get played like a saxophone, fracture bones, knees thighs head
And keep firing when I hear sirens

A-PlusMind your own, try to find your own, before your
Time is gone, see we all dying' alone
I'll never be the one to cry if you don't
But who the fuck am I to imply what you decide is wrong
Give a fuck about what you side you on
Or you going to kill
Niggas keepin' it real don't pay none of my bills
Still I keep at it to feed my weed habit
No seeds, its sticky green, please, I don't need acid

Scratching"We be developed in this rap shit"
"Souls of Mischief"
"You got to understand"

PhestoI'm chocolate thunder on the track board
Throwing heat like Goose Gossage, sidearm
Like a firearm on a hostage
Ready for combat, it's contact sport with gat forced hiphonics
They high drama like Trump and Ivana
I'm art, 2600 sharp and nimble
Transmission double clutch I'll double dust the symbol
Pimp diffusion, monophonics many moogen
Skate to Cardinal(?) like glaze on Olympic luges
Fluctuate my deluxe delusions, a state of flux maneuver
I'm armor-all on vinyl, ya'll vaginal
In a candlelight vigil when vital signs are final
Flat line your spinal, throw rhymes and tight spirals
Hammer up through the head winds with Evidence, Babu and ira science, hire a sniper
I still dodge the bullets while I windmill the viper, high performance
And use your face as a windshield wipers
Have you wearing six inch heels and a diaper bitch
Now you get banged for your buck not bang the switch

TajaiThis here we taking shit, and they ain't taking shit
And if you take this shit, rework it and remake it we gon' break your shit
I said it, minutes set it, any man in my dominion
Demeaning the inner tenant entertainers, my tenants remain true
You do you, as far as I'm concerned this is all mine and ya'll my tenants
This rhyming of polemical proportion
Scorching the mundane claims of you pedestrian thespians
Histrionics, Ebonics lace tales of crimes and chronic in the myriad ways you chase tail
The mirror's amazed at what it sees
MCs empty reflections and soul projection
I use the message as my soul's protection
Etch out some complex shit, man that next shit



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Souls of Mischief Soundscience lyrics added on 11th Jul 2012

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