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Live & Let Live lyrics

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Artist: Souls of Mischief
Album: 93 Til Infinity
Song: Live and Let Live

OpioNow playful pulpit pussies poppin junk with the pistol
Sweated because I'm dreaded let's get ready to pull a fistful
Of extinction, reachin, quick on the trigger sneakin
And then send a flurry of bullets diggin deep in my flesh and wreakin
The props cuz they pops lots of mops heads drop
Dead plots, a cop, eager and ready to lick the shots hot
Ready to kick the plot so wipin the flop and then I vanish
Managed to escape by the skin of my teeth and then say damn
It's a shame, the brain is washed, to the point, when it's savage
Beast-es, I rest in peace, simply before I annex
And send, why can't there be, a resolution I ask you
No answer, so fuck it the next time my life is threatened I'll blast you
Packin the black steel makin the mack's feel pain and fear
As I smear blood from buckshots to the brain
PUMP PUMP PUMP listen to the bullets hum as they buzz past
Your ears and dig in, drillin into your cranium
Not a gang-banger, crack-slanger, never done had the rep kid
Yet sweated, frequently, see me and step with
Intent to kill spilling your blood for your sins
Defends my livelihood cuz rivals could bring ends to
My youthful bliss bustin a trigger gun and missed this
Bullets, to the vital organs, in order to assist
In your death, your last breath havin spasms as I has em
The idea is demonic and the thought is surely sad
And not a murderer, ensurin the, longevity of my life I'll
Live and let live, kill if I must I shall

Phesto/HookI give it all I got, that's all I got to give
Yo, you got to live and let live
I give it all I got, that's all I got to give
Yo, you gotta live and let live

TajaiDamn I wish, that I can have bliss, daily
Lately I try to speak my piece but words fail me
I'm dwelling in the halls of appalling sights of evil
I got to sweat the devil plus I got to sweat my people
Do I gotta blow them brains out to get them chains out
Your head, the mackin mentally offends to be dead
Deceased I gotta a peace deeds cuz the beast be
Lurkin up in them, so now I'm buckin them
And stuck in them, the herring fits means tricks
You learn it when you plunder and tell me to run the kicks
You might trip, and find it hard to swallow this
But follow this down a dark alley and you're catchin hollow tips
You got yo' shit, I got mine, leave it at that
Respect D or thank me, when I shank thee
Necks, cuz clever dreads can sever heads weasel
I may be thin but my lead friends be diesel
A law abiding citizen but shit it's been long enough
Strong and tough, sniff this and you're snuffed
Stifled, step lively, don't try to bust me
Trust the fact that I'm friendly and you'll Plus see
I love humans, they hate, me
I'd love to live and let live but no-one's D
So until then I chill when it's possible
But I gotsta pull, pieces because we're peaceless

A-PlusYo, I shall not kill, I will if I have to
You say I'm the one promoting violence well I ask you
Have you ever heard the sound of bullets passing you
Ever thought of going out with someone blasting you
Willing to be killing maybe is a great sin but
It's not appealing when bullets penetrate skin what
Pain when a brain leaves a stain with the quickness
So I get a fool if I think that I'm on his shitlist
With the swiftness of a Glock nine
So now who got your back? Cuz my gat got mine
Find a brother with some dreads and now you figure you're gonna kill him
Well I grab my gun when I see one I'm gonna fill him
Why should you live in fear thinkin someone is gonna get ya
I bet ya, before he gets me he'll be on a streacher
So no nigga pulls a trigger on the S-O-M
And if there's more than one I'll have to kill the rest of them
Buckshots, leave a body ripped, cuz I got equipped
With a shotty quick, that nobody wanna riff with
Get split open with the fury of the lead G
Rat-a-tat, tat-a-tat, flat is what your head be
Dead see, why don't brothers wanna let me function
When I pull it, kids be eatin bullets like a luncheon
Adam got a magnum and I tag em with this weapon
Be threatened, cuz Adam be pullin a pistol if you're steppin
I don't like it but I guess that that's the way it has to be
Live and let live but then you're dead before you're blastin me

Chorus 2X


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Souls of Mischief Live & Let Live lyrics added on 11th Jul 2012

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