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Ey, listen...
If ya attitude pissy and ya gratitude iffy
instead of rappin' too bitchy I would rather you diss me
You for play frontin' man you won't say nothin'
look real gay or somethin' while you pushin' A's buttons
someone shoulda told you, if you was the man
then why you talkin' like a ho dude your mama need to hold you
I'll drop you with these vocals, yeah your papa need to scold you
I'll properly approach you and drama we can go through...

My mic handled like Kanobi gamble like Ginobili
the average night for 'sto D man I'll shine with trophies
you pantominin' and I'm linin' up your whole team
lookin' like some dope fiends signin' up for codine
cocaine amphetamine qualude and anesthetic
suicide in a letter contrived and synthetic
nice with the rose plyers cold killer fo' hire
go til your ho's wired chinchilla's on fire...

When we say high what? It's natural baby...
reefer... slowly gettin' in there gettin' through to you
what this hip hop thang is about
you're listenin' to the sounds incredible S.O.M.
smooth.. put your antennae up...

So honor how the Souls do we bombin' on your whole crew
insomniacs we don't snooze we dominate your Pro-Tools
your broad be takin' photos with no clothes
for Ope only infatuated fascinated hold up - wait up
that's the natural vapor most doze
I activate the master mega ruckus when I blow holes
through the Hollywood choke hold the plastic backwards
manufactured no soul I won't go it's diabolic
call it what you want...

Is it a gift?... is it a myth?...
well if you don't know...
we'll be glad to clue you in...
right about now...

Niggas know I'm official definitive rhyme inventor
I hit or supply the listner with vivid and vibrant visions
givin' you guys the business is pimpin' in my dimension
you livin' in our dominion so give up that homage bitches
we masters at this mashin' who mastermind classics
get past the rhyme basics 'fore you clash with my massive
with them asinine tactics tattered line patterns
get splattered when I spat it, I let you maggots have it

Choose another angle...
fuck around and knock the kangaroo up off your kangol
you fruity like a mango (fruity like a mango?)
your crew be like a rainbow
you and me not the same bro see I be where you cain't go...
I'm in the Winnebago twist the shit today go
then rock the show get all the dough you probably can't relate though
marijuana chain smoke wrangle mic's with Domino
we owners of the label your ho do me fellatio...

Man it's like that playa?
you better watch your baby... and that's no maybe
my homies have been sent by Hiero HQ to show y'all
just how we bring it.. straight from the trainin' barracks
upon further investigation...
we found this conclusive evidence

I turn pomegranite grenadine genitals for Genevive
Tennessee to Philippines grill her with the guillotine
ink jet to think tank data link to beat break
catalyst ability killer on a killin' spree

See Hiero drop a tune at times most opportune
no minds are stoppin' through to fire one off at you
them live dum dub rounds to rile them up now
live as fuck make sure the vibe don't come down...

Oh what might go down, must come up...
the fantastic four, the airborne rangers
no strangers to the arts of mic manipulation
and uncoverin' funky situations wherever they may be
you know where I stand on solid land
this is D-E-L bringin' it to you deluxe with Prince Paul
and the Souls of Mischief...
I said and the Souls of Mischief


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Souls of Mischief Hiero HQ lyrics added on 11th Jul 2012

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