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Bird's Eye View lyrics

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These words is like a giant squids tentacles
When I rip stuck to wax with razor sharp suction cups
In the back fuckin Mary Jane like Rick James
The uncontainable, chains flying out my cape
A Hiero spawn headed straight for the evil dominion
Where they be spinnin millions, killin hip hop
Stop manufacturing Glocks and tecs, selling sex
Telling us we all bullet proof
The virus is a bitch
But I'm swift, similar ??????
And I'm breakin shit down like calculus
Their mind is fragile and weak like popsicle sticks
First light you ain't feelin us you gots to be sick
Raps I'm engineering are piercin the mainstream
Military issue to your flak jacket, aiming
Straight at the puppet show, marionette rapper
Who trapped in a fairy tale soundin like a Macy's commercial
Everywhere we be we hypnotizing
Make your eye sting when I pass the mic smolderin
Plus you can't hold the thing it's eighty two hundred fahrenheit
Detonate right in your face like a letter bomb
Better stay calm and let that mother- nuh uh
Cool off, you too soft, actors gang bangin the movies
I'm like, "Fool please, I'm from the City of Dope"
Where the police get smoked with fully AKs
And I didn't say that to glorify or praise
But that shit don't amaze you gotta change your equation
Show some innovation
The way I be lacin the mic with dope like a chewy blunt
Making you fall flat on your face
From the head rush, drastic measures
Avoidin all the scissor hands
Fumblin mics like dice redic'
The endless rhymes I write and rip
The great whites try to bite the stylistics
Growing exponentially, they can't touch me
Your girl had sex with me but now she bug me
She's so lovely I didn't even trip
Cause I stay international and unpredictable
Ripping shows with the Souls, it's nirvana
And then I kick on back and smoke on Humboldt county marijuana
In the sauna, with Shawna

Sharper than a shuriken, curvin and contortin
Give 'em the shakes like weeks off from coke snortin
Stay high in the sky like harp technology
Off a fat bag of broccoli killin the monotony
You niggas evil as a neo-nazi probably
Down with the president and workin for the Mafia
Straight scardy-cats, pimp like shits
While the invincible Hieroglyphics be unloadin full clips
Plowin recklessly into the bug-ass industry
I'm hittin A and Rs but I was shootin at the sea
Oh, ya know cause it's either him or me
So I picked his ass off heartlessly
You better keep the eyes in the back of your head
Peeled for the steel
If you down with demonics I'll warm you up like ionic heaters
Feel the intensity
Through your Sony speakers when I mix up explosives in the lab
In the beaker
Knock you up like ether
Rollin up expensive cheebas to blow it on my feezer
I use to love her 'til they drugged her and diseased her
Slugged her, took her in wilderness and killed the bitch
Now I insist upon the Eye for an Eye
Make a pilgrimage 'til the enemies sigh
Do-or-die style
Highly volatile like plutonium
Quicker than Napoleon, Kauffman, or Steve Austin
Lost us and remember Op from the way I twist the envelope
Rappers keep me in their laser scopes like assassins
But I'm down with The Professional
If you're blastin please stabilize your Canons
Set that motherfucker on a tripod, eyes on me
Or you'll wind up with three fatal exit wounds
Metaphorically of course
I keep the story vivid and mind boggling
Constantly revolving
Creating new angles for the squares
I'm infinitely dimensional
Never snared in a booby trap
It's automatic like an Uzi or a mac-10
With the pin filed down
The Hieroglyphics sound
The medicine, let us in for we fission bombs
Pin point precision when we mob on the mic
And robbing the likes of you and your crew
The Hieroglyphics boy what you gonna do


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Souls of Mischief Bird's Eye View lyrics added on 11th Jul 2012

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