IHOP (True Story) lyrics on The Luca Brasi Story by Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates

IHOP (True Story) lyrics

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Verse 1: Kevin GatesI was chilling in the ihop overheard a conversation
Both of them niggas killers one of them was Michael Caden
Big brother to Jason I went to school went him
His brother got killed so now he keep a tool with him
Live around the corner from his 2 daughters, no father
That’s when the waitress came over like may I take your order
Give me the breakfast sample , orange juice, and a coke
That nigga looked at me and nodded his head I never spoke
Like what the fuck them niggas looking at that’s what I heard the other say
Looked at me mean mugging wait
Nigga turn the other way
I had to turn deaf ears
Satan was in my left ear
Like go ahead cancel you a nigga nobody can see you
Show them niggas that you real nobody will be you
I walked over and asked him you want to take it off your shoulder
Hand checking him in his face telling him I’m a soldier
I ain’t no firkin drug lord I ain’t the type to try to be
10 years of aggression you don’t want to see that out of me
Jagged edge smith and Wesson banging think I got to be that nigga
It all started on a Tuesday afternoon me and my bitch got into it
Unnecessary foolishness 2 and half ruined
Found out from another chick living out of town
In a upstairs apartment that was 3 corners down
Spot for my rounds
Jeff used to score pounds
Tanya ran it to me how Amber had ran it to me
Me and Tanya remain cool Amber man was pussy
He ran to the block and check so niggas from another hood
They came back and black masked up just like I knew they would
Running out there bucking loud niggas all in lavage
Hard not to bang when you got bitch niggas attacking ya
Up the forty caliber on coming passenger
Scuffle through the tourist section stole on a trafficker
Seen him with his clique he used to mug, but never bucked with them
Used to keep a smirk because my old lady was fucking him
Ain’t no need to get mad I’m thinking I ain’t fuck with him
Hit one of my niggas up we bargained on his brain
Fucking with my lil brother who frequently snorted cain
Dapped him down as I pass him was heading to where he twerked him
Back was turned the whole time lil brother ran up and murked him
Issuing him two to the dome and worked him with the chrome
Till this day I can say I set him up and he gone

Verse 2: Kevin Gates3 months prior I’m downtown meeting Lisa McBoyd
I’m in town handling business for Floyd he couldn’t make it
I'mma take it by myself awaiting a vacation
3 bricks going to Kurt coming home from Las Vegas
On the phone with Joe finishing a conversation
The sale was gon be off cause he was at a graduation
But shit, I’m on my way out a state to meet Mason
He told me to be safe and any problems I can page him
Jeff sitting patient in a vacant location
Not knowing we was stopping in another metropolitan
Tanya text Jeff still waiting replied obviously
Hope your cousin Kevin ain’t fake and he ain’t jiving me
Or trying to get me up to the chase plotting on robbing me
Tanya said Kevin my cousin he wouldn’t lie to me
Whenever y’all had talked he was right here on the side of me
They into real estate and probably looking at property


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Kevin Gates IHOP (True Story) lyrics added on 22nd Feb 2013

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