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John Prine - Ain't Hurtin' Nobody lyrics meaning


“Ain’t Hurtin' Nobody” by John Prine appears on his 12th studio album, “Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings” — 1995.

The impetus for the song was a visit Prine made with his family to the Indiana Dunes Beach at Lake Michigan.

Prine wrote some liner notes for the song at the John Prine Music website:

“We were visiting one of my mother’s sisters who’d moved up to northern Indiana. I was nine years old, and they decided to head for the beach one day and take me along — wrapped me in a cousin’s bathing suit that went around me three times and pinned it. So I am out there with all these young girls running around in their bikinis, when Little Richard comes over the PA, all scratchy, singing "Tutti Frutti” It’s 98 degrees, and there are all these girls dancing in various states of undress."

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