Lippy kids on the corner again
Lippy kids on the corner begin
Settling like crows
Though I never perfected the simian stroll
The cigarette senate was everything then

Elbow - Lippy Kids lyrics meaning


'Lippy Kids' is an extraordinary, yet understated, study of childhood nostalgia. While the setting is on the surface mundane - bored kids hanging out on a street corner - the imagery and lyricism is as perfect and bittersweet as anything Guy Garvey has written.

In the line 'settling like crows', Garvey captures that sense of intimidation that older people feel when presented with a congregation of young boys. There's no direct description of the kids wearing hoodies, but that suggestion is there. The 'simian stroll' he writes of perfectly encapsulates the lazy slouch of the teenage boy, played off against the lure of the cigarette scent, which 'was everything then'.

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