Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother
You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive
Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin'
I'm a-stayin' alive, stayin' alive

Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive lyrics meaning


No matter who you are, everybody shares the disco rhythm that pumps through the song, and through the bustle of everyday life. Stayin' Alive's 103bpm swing is almost exactly the same as the average person's walking speed.

The Bee Gee's session drummer Dennis Byron was away on compassionate leave when the recording sessions for this song took place, so the band were forced to take a short clip of drumming from Night Fever and loop it. This explains the highly repetitive beat.

The album jokingly credited a "Bernard Lupe" as the drummer, and for a short while Lupe became a highly sought-after session musician. That is, until it was discovered that Bernard Lupe didn't exist and was a play on the name of real life drummer Bernard Purdie.

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