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Alt-J - Matilda lyrics meaning


Matilda takes its inspiration from the film Leon, which stars a young Natalie Portman playing a drug dealer's daughter named Matilda, who strikes up an unlikely bond with an assassin by the name of Leon.

Responding to what sort of stories Alt-J vocalist Joe Newman relates to most, he stated in an interview with Face Culture:

I suppose it needs to have death in it, or love or a tragedy because I think I respond quite well to depressing things. Emotionally I respond to that more than happy things maybe. Don't know what that says about me as a person.

The books and films that I like, it's normally to do with someone's end, someone ending. So, like, Matilda, that is about the last scene in Leon where Jean Reno, who plays Leon, he dies, he explodes; he hands these grenades to the detective and that song's just about his relationship with this girl, but it's also intertwined into his ending in the film.

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