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Nkosi Sikelela lyrics

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Needed a beat with a vibe
So I could tell you the truth
They tryna feed us their lies
So they could silence the youth
Art is  mode of expression
Lokho ngakuphindake futhi
We could use it as a tool
For social activism
That's me in the booth

Vele bengzama ukbakhuza
Flip the script like I was gracious Mabuza
Heard em say
Vele if we win we gon loose
Genre skipping r&b to the blues
Writting lyrics and encrypt it with clues
Clues clues Kubusta amafuze
Khothamanxeba caress amabruise
I was in it for the thrill of the juice.

Shaping the culture that's how it should B
That I got back Like I was C
The game is open ready for the D
The problem is fuel we running on E
All of the hatred like man what the F
I'm still a G and I'm comming up next
H-1 n1 I'll put the J-fk steady in the text


Nkos sikelela
Intsha, the youth making moves
The artist that we use to make art"
To make art Lord 

This is really not a song
Couldn't have been @ my peak
I'm hoping to grow with the craft
All of its wisdom I seek
It's either you win or you loose you're in it or not
You strong or you're weak
It's either that or you chill and relax on your ass
And let the money speak

Show you the pyramid and the hierarchy
That capitalism has in place
That communism don't embrace
That socialism aims to chase
We've got to hold up the Ace
Royal flushing using our poker face
The power over us the monarch displays
Strengthen our currency the deals in place erased

Financial freedom ma nigga
We need the land back no land grabs
Coz we peaceful ma nigga
We didn't sequel as niggas
What you did to our people as niggas
We had to swallow and live with the outcomes
And consequences of your evils,as niggas

Rainbow nation is the quest huh
We've got a long way to goooooo
Do you think that I'm racist for this
Power to Steven Bantu Bikooo
The plans in the head of uRobert
Mangaliso Sobukwe you know that we'll never know
Nelson got the presedency
After uChris Hani took a cap to the dome

Rest in peace to the legends
Hope my people won't forever be begging
Hope uCyril Ramaphosa noTokyo Segwale
Still remember where they was bred an
I hope my people know that the national party
Never died like the kkk
Hope we forever remember the massacre
At Marikana with Akz hey

Damn fam

We need to speak through music
Tell the stories of our generation
So those who will follow us are able to use it
Are you able rebuke this
No effect like it's a mute Diss
Fighting the system oBEE trying to lift us
The fucked up the blueprint

Poverty running like gander
Emakhaya nasemakasi
Instead of work aspirations sphupha Ngamatender
Sphuza silqede ikhalenda
Ngapha nezifo zisphenduloslenda
Our politicians needing dietitian
They be on a mission ngalenyuku bependa

Thought I was putting my city up
Using a kdot perspective the lesson
We thought it was good in the media
This is a curse and a blessing
Testing 1 , 2 I'm in it like Diddy huh
I'm daring the radio to play this, you haters
I made it with no Wikipedia.


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Prejudice aka Prej Nkosi Sikelela lyrics added on 22nd Sep 2017

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