Lyrics format

  • See this song as an example of perfect formatting
  • Use proper English grammar and spelling, e.g. "you", not "u"
  • Capitalise the first letter of each line
  • No need to end each line with a fullstop or comma
  • Don’t accentuate/elongate words to add timing, e.g. “I don't know why”, not "I don't know whyyyyyyyyyy"
  • Section lyrics by [Verse 1], [Chorus], [Bridge] ensuring use of square brackets
  • If a featured artist is involved, declare each artist's part within the Verse/Chorus section like so: [Verse 1: Wale], [Chorus: Lady Gaga]
  • If possible, separate lyrics with a double line return every 4 bars

Lyric meanings

  • Quote the artist if it relates to something they said in interviews, the news or on Twitter
  • Are these lyrics typical of the artist's personality?
  • Are these lyrics relevant to the time it was released?
  • Do these lyrics have a double meaning?
  • Are these lyrics referencing another artist/song?

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